Ratfolk are the size of halflings, though smaller in girth and quicker in their movements. At a glance they might even be mistaken for halflings if not for their twitching snouts, bony feet, and long, pink tails.

The ratfolk are canny survivors, rogues and tricksters all. Their strong family ties make it easy for them to found or join criminal societies–though others serve as expert scouts and saboteurs, able to infiltrate army camps, city sewers, and even castle dungeons with equal ease. Ratfolk leaders are often spellcasters and rogues.

Adaptable. Ratfolk swim well and can survive on little. Some groups are endemic to tropical and subtropical islands. Others inhabit forests, sewers, labyrinths, and ancient, ruined cities.

Fast Fighters. Ratfolk prefer light weapons and armor, fighting with speed and using numbers to bring a foe down. They have been known to ally themselves with goblins, darakhul, and kobolds on occasion, but more often prefer to serve a “Rat King” who may or may not be a rat of any kind. Such rat rulers might include a wererat, a rat king, an ogre, a minor demon or intelligent undead.