With a thick mane of beaded locks, these powerful-looking bestial humanoids grin with a huge mouthful of pointed teeth—as befits a shapeshifter that can turn into a noble lion.

Beads and Braids. The nkosi resemble bestial humans with cat’s eyes, slender tails, and the fangs and fur of a lion. Most grow their hair long, braiding colorful beads into their locks to mark important events in their lives. Although the nkosi’s true form is that of a feline humanoid with leonine features, the most striking feature of the nkosi is their ability to change their shape, taking the form of a lion. Although comfortable in the wilds, nkosi can adapt to any environment.

Clawlike Blades. In combat, they favor curved blades, wielded in a brutal fighting style in concert with snapping lunges using their sharp teeth. They prefer light armor decorated with bone beads, fetishes, and similar tokens taken from beasts they’ve slain.

Pridelords. Nkosi pridelords are exceptionally tall and muscular members of the race, and they are leaders among their kin. Pridelords feature impressive manes but they are more famous for their powerful roar, which wakes the feral heart inside all members of this race.